Two Generations of Vermonters in Jericho Get Rooftop Solar

Two Generations of Vermonters in Jericho Get Rooftop Solar

Two Generations in Jericho, Vermont Have SunCommon in Common

Ryan Dudley and his dad, Deane, have some things in common. They’re next door neighbors, they both have rooftop solar from SunCommon, and they share the same first name. Wait a minute, how are Ryan and Deane the same name? Ryan’s legal name is Deane, but he goes by Ryan because living next to your dad and having the same name would probably be pretty confusing.

Ryan is a math and science teacher in Essex and a DJ on the side. He homebrews, has a wife and three kids, and still makes it to our SunCommon events. He definitely has a lot of energy! And we’re glad that his home, and his dad’s, have good energy, too — powered by good, clean sun.

The system we installed in May 2016 is 12.29 kW (that’s 39 panels)!

Ode to my Solar Array

The days of paying electric bills are just a fading memory.
Having solar on my home contributes to my harmony.

I track my solar gain and credits every single day.
And enjoy getting utility bills that I need not have to pay.

My credit balance is more than I need so I thought I would start sharing.
So my daughter gets a portion, which keeps me in good standing.

You can tell I’m sold on solar, and my money was well spent.
I recommend you buy your solar system and not consider rent.

I love our planet and want to do my part to keep it healthy.
Going solar and saving Earth is better than being wealthy.

Deane Dudley 

Deane Dudley Jericho Rooftop Solar Array

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