Local SunCommon offers Vermont history lesson to SolarCity

SunCommon Vermont solar installer

SunCommon Welcomes National Solar Company to Vermont,

offers Vermont history lesson to SolarCity


SolarCity, America’s largest installer of residential solar systems, announced via its website today its expansion into Vermont.

“We’re excited to have helped over 1500 Vermonters go solar, building a market that now attracts the nation’s largest solar business to our state,” said SunCommon co-founder Duane Peterson. SunCommon, a Vermont Certified Benefit Corporation, installs about half of all the residential solar in Vermont.

“We know it can be difficult for a big corporation to enter a market far from its roots, but SolarCity’s splash announcement fails elementary school history by calling Vermont the first state in the Union. Oops. While Vermont can be lauded for its innovative and progressive policies, it most certainly wasn’t the first in this regard, but rather the 14th state to join our United States,” added Peterson.

“But as SolarCity finds its way from California to Vermont, they will get to know Vermonters as lively citizens aiming to do our bit against climate change, while saving money with clean energy. SunCommon welcomes SolarCity to Vermont, to help that many more of our Vermont neighbors go solar,” Peterson concluded.

Here is a screengrab of SolarCity’s errant announcement available at the company’s website: http://www.solarcity.com/residential/states/vermont-solar (UPDATE: SolarCity has since deleted their launch announcement.)

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