Homeowner Feature: the Pierce Family

Chris and Melissa Pierce are proud solar-powered homeowners and new members of the SunCommon community. Driving north on Rt. 12 outside Montpelier, you can’t miss their home perched up on the hill about three miles out of town. This quintessential Vermont house is the product of Chris’s vision, ingenuity and patience. Chris saved money by contracting the house himself, as well as sourcing and re-using local materials. You can see and feel the level of care that went into his house – and if you’re inspired, Chris loves to give tours! With his wife Melissa, a fourth/fifth grade teacher who recently won a Governors award for the recycling/composting program that she orchestrated with her class at Union Elementary School, they are raising two kids, Lachlan and Somerset. They have several egg laying ducks and chickens, chinese geese and five alpacas.

We thought you’d like to know more about Chris and Melissa and what went into their decision to Go Solar with SunCommon.

How did you hear about SunCommon?

I heard about you all through a friend who is a guest chef on WCAX, he told me he had heard about it there and I said “I’m going to check it out.” I filled out your web application that weekend and started my relationship that week. It’s been a fun ride and a great group of folks to work with. Couldn’t be happier with that decision.

What kept you from going solar previously?

Frankly, it was the cash layout!

What was the ultimate deciding factor in making the jump to solar?

The new Sunpower panels are really what made me chase this deal down. The use of the most effective and efficient panels on the market made it a no brainer.

Are you excited?

Uhhh…you could say that! Aside from the green factor it adds to our already “green” home, the education it gives to the kids is priceless. We are teaching them an extremely important message by utilizing this type of energy. They will fully understand the use of and waste of energy and where it can come from, and be educated on how to do their part to keep the world we are handing to them as beautiful and clean as it can be, and possibly help educate others to do the same.

What is the most important power device the panels will be charging?

Chris: the beer fridge! ;-)
Melissa: our duck egg incubators…

How do I go solar?

The process for going solar is simple. It starts with filling out our get started form. You can do so by clicking the get started button. If you want to know more details about the process and the steps involved between signing up and turning on the power, click the button below to find out more.


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