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Become a YOUtility and declare energy independence!

You might have noticed that the price to power and heat your home can fluctuate from month to month. As a result, you’ve probably received bills from your utility company that have surprised you in some unpleasant ways. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that contribute to the ever-increasing costs of your utility bill:

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The production and distribution of the electricity and fuel that reaches your home.

This means you’re paying for everything, from the cost of building a power plant to extracting and processing the fuels from the Earth.


The transmission of that power to your home.

This includes the construction, operation, and maintenance costs of every transformer, cable, and pole that connects your home to the grid; as well as the combined cost of the vehicles that might deliver fuel to your home.


More unpredictable costs.

Things like extreme weather cause local demand to surge and causes damage to the equipment that gets the power to your home. When all of these factors combine, you can see why your utility can’t protect you from rising costs.

So what can you do to create price-stability for you and your family?

Go solar, and become a YOUtility!

Going solar and becoming a YOUtility gives you control and predictability, because you own the production of the electricity you need to power your home. On sunny days your solar panels pour power into your meter, which will actually run backward, racking up credits on your utility bill. Those sunny day credits are used throughout the darker, winter months. Solar can zero out your electricity costs, allowing you to shift your monthly payments to your solar system and save money, creating even more stability during unpredictable times. Becoming a YOUtility doesn’t just create price-stability, it gives you the option to make your home resilient against unpredictable variables like power outages by adding battery-backup to your system.

energy independence during a power outage with tesla powerwall home energy storage app

For folks who are spending even more time at home, working remotely, or caring for their families; a power outage can go from a minor inconvenience to a major disadvantage. Prolonged outages can have even more serious consequences, especially during extreme weather or if you run any vital equipment in your home or property. When you go solar, and become a YOUtility, you have the option to add multiple battery backups to your system. These batteries can store the power you’re generating and save it for when you need it most. Your solar and battery work together to keep the essentials (refrigerators, well pumps, internet, etc.) of your home running. As a YOUtility, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automatic, silent back-up power.

Take control of your home energy supply, no matter the conditions.

Solar powered home maintains some electricity during an outage with a solar battery home energy storage solution

As a YOUtility, you’ll feel pride in your energy independence, generating the electricity you need to power your life, and guarding your home against the unpredictable variables you currently face by getting your power from a utility. You’ll create real price-stability month-to-month, saving you money over the lifespan of your solar system. You’ll no longer be subsidizing polluting power plants and transmission systems that deliver power to your home. And, by adding battery-backup you’ll be defending your home against power outages caused by extreme weather or grid-failures. So, what are you waiting for? Join the growing community of folks who generate clean electricity to power their homes and their lives!


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