CSA is a great option if you can’t go solar at home!

We have an amazing affordable solar solution for folks who think they can’t go solar or who have been told NO for onsite solar.

Have you thought about going solar, but couldn’t for one of these reasons?

  • Your roof faces the wrong way and won’t generate electricity well.
  • You don’t own your roof so we can’t install solar on it.
  • You’re in a condo and the HOA won’t allow solar on the roof.
  • Your house has too many trees and is too shady.
  • Your roof is too old and will need to be replaced soon.
  • Your roof is in poor condition and won’t support a solar system.

We’ve got you.

At SunCommon, we believe the energy from the sun can power our lives and build vibrant communities. We partner with local, like-minded organizations to tear down barriers to clean energy. One of the ways we do this is with our community solar arrays.

SunCommon’s Community Solar Array program gives you the opportunity to purchase solar panels in an offsite local solar array.  All of the electricity produced at the CSA flows onto your utility grid and you accumulate solar credits to offset both the supply AND delivery portion of your monthly bill.

csa community solar ownership or subscription array

Here’s How Community Solar Works

Members of a CSA use solar credits produced by that array to reduce or eliminate their utility bill. The only requirement to become a member of a Community Solar Array is that you must live within the same utility load zone as the array. Since most utility load zones span counties, towns, and zip codes, our Solar Advisors can help determine which array you would belong to.

Easy, efficient, joyful

The first step is to have one of our Community Solar Advisors assess your home’s annual usage and prepare a proposal for you outlining the number of solar panels you will need.

Our Community Solar Arrays are designed with efficiency and maximum productivity, all of the panels are pointed due south at the optimal angle to soak up the sun’s clean energy!  

Your CSA panels are covered by a 25 year manufacturers warranty and full insurance policy, so once they are electrified you have nothing to worry about!

Nora Woolf Solar Orientation SunCommon

Want to learn more about how Community Solar works?

For information on how community solar works in general, you can visit our Community Solar page by clicking on the button below. There you will find helpful information on how to become a CSA member, how CSAs actually work, and more. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us directly.


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