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Connecting the Interconnection Dots

Article Written By Matt Vanderbrook, Senior Project Developer It’s a dynamic time for the solar industry in New York and in the Finger Lakes region as illustrated by the RBJ in an recent article: “The Finger Lakes region saw the second-highest growth in solar installations across the state in the last five years, Gov. Andrew […]


Why The Women of SunCommon NY are Working Today

SunCommon NY answered the call for women and our allies to act together for equity, justice, and the human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people, through today’s one-day demonstration of economic solidarity. While the women of SunCommon NY do not feel discrimination within these four walls, we do experience it outside of these walls on […]


A Better Choice in Renewable Energy

Article Written By Mary Nicholas, Community Solar Organizer To find out more about SunCommon and what makes us a better local option, get in touch. In an era of booming renewable industries and exponential growth for solar and wind, energy choices have become empowering and affordable options for individuals to substantially chip away at their […]

Underneath A Ground Mount Solar Array

Affordability and Accessibility of Clean Energy

Article Written By Matt Vanderbrook, Senior Project Developer We’ve come a long way with the usability and cost of solar and wind energy according to a recent Greentech Media article. Thanks to federal tax credits, state-level renewable energy standards, and a drop in manufacturing and install costs, the cost of a wind or solar project install […]

Victorian home with Solar Panels on roof

Van Schie Residence

Prepared for: Van Schie Family Location: Pittsford, NY Project Size: 7.2 roof mount Reduction in electric usage: 87% Average annual savings: $1500 Lifetime Savings: $37,400 Payback Period: 8 years The Van Schie’s installed a 7.2kW roof mounted system at their home in Pittsford in December of 2015. The array is expected to cover nearly 90% […]


Seneca Nation

SunCommon developed and installed a 1.5MW wind turbine for The Seneca Nation of Indians. The wind turbine was installed on common land adjacent to the Gil-Lay Arena in Irving, NY. The Seneca were the largest of six Native American nations which comprised the Iroquois Confederacy or Six Nations, a democratic government that pre-dates the United […]

Ground Mount Solar Array in NY

Choate Residence

Location: Rush, NY Project Size: 14.84kW ground mount Electric usage: 100% reduction Average Annual Savings: $3,000 Lifetime Savings: $75,000 On their one year anniversary, Al and Bethany Choate were pleased to share their successful solar numbers in year one. “Our first year of operation produced 18,264 kwh, compared to the 17,456 kwh estimated. Meanwhile, because […]

SunCommon NY Facebook Cover Photo

The New SunCommon Launches in NY

Ontario, NY – With excitement for a greener future Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc. (SED), an Ontario, NY renewable energy company, announces a rebranding through a partnership with Vermont based SunCommon. Flying the SunCommon banner helps SED to bring more renewable energy to the greater Rochester area and advance a goal to dramatically increase solar adoption […]

Bielemeier residence with rooftop solar panels

Bielemeier Residential

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM Prepared For: Drew Bielemeier Webster, NY Total project size is 14.84kW roof mount with four arrays. Two arrays on his barn that are 3.180kW (east and west facing), one that is 2.120kW (south facing), and one that is 6.360kW (south facing) Average Annual Savings: $3,000 Lifetime Savings: $75,000 Reduction in Electricity Usage: Nearly 90% Payback Period: 10 […]

Knataitis residence roof mount solar panels

Knataitis Residence

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM Prepared for David Knataitis Total Project Size: 8.745kW roof mount on his garage This array is expected to cover over 100% of his electric usage Annual savings of about $1500 Lifetime Savings over $37,000 Payback Period under nine years This is a great example of being able to go solar on […]


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