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5 villages, 3 rivers, 1 goal: more renewable energy

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Our Hartford campaign has ended, but it’s never too late to go solar.

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In the early summer of 2017, SunCommon went door-to-door and held a series of events in the five villages of Hartford talking with community members about how solar for your home or business can save you money and do good for the planet.

But just because the campaign is over doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the money-saving action! Plus, as more people in your area go solar with SunCommon, your installation gets more efficient. And that means we can pass even more savings back to you.

Connect with your local organizer, or sign up to learn more today!

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Why choose SunCommon?

SunCommon is a local company, founded and based in Vermont, and the state’s largest installer of solar. Our mission is to tear down the barriers to renewable energy. We make it easy and affordable for all Vermonters to go solar.

Our happy customers are best at explaining how we work:

A happy solar homeowner
I feel good having worked with SunCommon. The pricing was so good, and the interactions with everyone were great. We’ve made a lot of upgrades to our home over the years, and going solar was by far the easiest. All we had to do was say “Go.” There was absolutely no inconvenience for us. Now we’re paying the same or less every month for solar that we used to pay to the utility. But of course now our money is going toward our very own solar system.
Sharon ComeauHartford, VT
Comeau family in front of their solar home
It's all about relationships. I like to support local businesses. To me, the whole purpose of business should be to help each other, and the more personal those interactions can be, the better.
Kevin ComeauHartford, VT

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