How does Tesla Powerwall work during a power outage?

energy independence during a power outage with tesla powerwall home energy storage app

» Preparing for a Power Outage

If your Powerwall detects an extreme weather event, it will automatically prepare your system for the possibility of a grid (power) outage. Your Tesla app can be configured to notify you when power is lost, and conversely, when power is restored. To set up, go to the app Settings>Notifications.

» During an Outage

When a utility power outage occurs, your Powerwall instantly disconnects from the grid and restores backup power to your home in a fraction of a second—you may not even notice the power went out! 

If you are without grid-power for an extended period of time, your Powerwall can recharge from your solar. However, during severe weather events, there may not be enough sunshine to charge your Powerwall. In this situation, to optimize Powerwall performance, we recommend reducing or avoiding the use of energy-intensive appliances. 

If you experience a power outage on a sunny day, there is a chance that more solar energy will be produced than can be used or stored during an outage. To avoid “frying” your system, the Powerwall will turn off the solar system and turn it back on when solar power can be used again.

» Running Low on Energy

If Powerwall has less than 10% energy remaining, it will enter a standby state and stop providing power to your home. If your system is connected to the internet, you’ll receive a push notification in the Tesla mobile app when Powerwall enters standby.

When in standby and paired with a solar energy system, Powerwall will automatically attempt to recharge from solar for six minutes every hour between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. local time. If enough solar is available to charge Powerwall while still powering your home, this automatic charging will continue. Otherwise, it will wait for the next hour to attempt charging again.


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