A Yogi and her Solar-powered Home: A Note from Kim Ead

Toddler doing Downward Dog

Kimberly Ead, her husband Derek, and their daughter Sydney are relatively new members of the Bolton Community.  Derek and Kim are truly active people with a climbing wall inside and kayaks in the shed.  Kim is especially in tune with her yoga practice though and is a regular at Evolution Yoga in Burlington.  Kim and Derek are the first homeowners in Bolton, VT to go solar.  SunCommon is thrilled to have helped them with this project and we thought you’d enjoy reading a note from Kim connecting her Sun Salutations with her Solar Panels.

“If you want to change the world you must change yourself first,” is what I repeated as I layed in Savasana (the sleepy time after my yoga class). In this class we did sun salutations and we were told to shine like the sun, energize, and stretch. This was the day I told my 2 year old daughter, (doing downward dog in the picture to the right!) “the man walking on our roof is bringing the sunshine to our home.” We got our solar panels. Sun Common brought the sunshine and the energy.

I heard about SunCommon at a dinner party where I met an amazing woman who worked for the company. I asked her,”Can I go Solar?” She answered, “maybe”. I researched the website and was drawn in by the people and the mission. I trusted what they were telling me. I called and asked more questions and after a short time the answer was a big, fat, and sunny, “YES, you can go solar!”

I was motivated to go solar because I was spending money on fossil fuels and stripping the Earth of its natural resources. This is not the change I want to see in this world. Finding sustainable energy sources is important and if I can cut my consumption just a little bit I feel like I am helping the planet.

New Solar Household Bolton, VermontI didn’t think I could afford to go solar. The panels and maintenance  are expensive and I do not understand the technology enough to do it myself. The deciding factor was the fact that SunCommon has made it possible for anyone to go solar. They have figured out how to cover the costs using tax rebates and working with the power companies. Hopefully next summer, I will get money back because thanks to net metering, I am able to share my power with others. Sharing power is a motivator in life, in yoga, and on my roof.

Advice I would give to future homeowners is to contact SunCommon and see if your home qualifies for solar panels.

I am most excited to see my electricity meter run backwards, telling me I am making more power than I am using. I am excited to show my daughter what the sun can do.

I have been doing yoga for about ten years and now when I do yoga and sun salutations I thank the sun for opening my heart and my mind.  My solar panels will give me peace of mind and also power my pellet stoves which will warm my home all winter.

Let the sun shine in.


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