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We are succeeding by celebrating creativity, cross-functional collaboration, high energy, hard work, good play, deep networking and acknowledging that we’ll each make mistakes and learn from them. We know success. We know fun. Come do both with us.

Our open positions are listed below. To apply to our Vermont clean energy jobs, prepare your resume and cover letter (both in PDF format) describing what interests you about this position, why you believe you’d succeed at it, and one of your greatest accomplishments. Please do include a cover letter – it helps us get to know you, and we really do read them!

SunCommon® of course is an equal opportunity employer and we don’t tolerate harassment or other discrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, caregiver status, pregnancy, military or veteran status, race, color, religion, national origin, place of birth, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information or any other legally protected status.


In addition to meaningful work, we offer competitive salary and generous benefits in our dog-friendly offices. Our commitment to our beloved employees is reflected in the following benefits across the company, in both Vermont and New York. Individual benefits for employees based on position are included in each job description.

Employee Meals and Celebrations

We cater lunch at monthly All Company meetings, to foster employee collegiality. And there’s usually cake for someone’s birthday or other celebrations.

Confidential Survey

We annually seek feedback from our employees on what is working and how to serve them better. This includes benefits, training and development, and performance feedback.

Since going solar, we’ve watched our electric bill disappear. It’s been magical. We’re just cooking up energy every day. How can you beat that? We’re happy. Plus, the installation crew couldn’t have been nicer. They were hugely helpful and informative.
Terry HofferDanville, VT
Exciting day at the Emmons house - our solar was installed, and I couldn't help but stand there and watch the meter turn backwards!
Nathan EmmonsEast Burke, VT
The decision to go solar with SunCommon was as simple as understanding that my monthly electric bill would be covered by solar credits generated by my array. No upfront cost was a big deal and made it feasible for me. I went solar because it made financial sense. It’s a no-brainer.
Doug ClarnerBurke, VT
Solar was a great financial investment since we were looking for ways to cut down our costs to prepare for retirement. Electricity is expensive, and our farm uses a lot of it. We’re happy to reduce our electricity costs with solar.
Judy JarvisHardwick, VT
I’m thrilled to be able to say my home is solar-powered. Not only am I contributing to Vermont’s clean energy economy, but I’ve found a way to affordably power my home in a sustainable way. SunCommon made it easy to go solar.
Kristina MichelsenHardwick
Instead of paying an electric bill, I’m putting that money toward my solar loan and it’ll be paid off. Not only am I doing something that’s good for the environment, I’m doing something that’s affordable to me. Listen, I’m a librarian, which is not a highly paid profession, and this works for me.
Lisa SammetCraftsbury, VT
While we were financially motivated to go solar to save money, it certainly wasn’t the only reason. We’re interested in environmental conservation and solar was an opportunity to reduce our footprint and produce clean energy.
Chad Wohlers and Lee FerryHardwick, VT
It feels great to be green. SunCommon is a local company with great people. They were efficient, courteous and helpful, carefully explained what they were going to do and then did what they said and afterwards carefully explained how everything worked.
Sandi PhelanBarre
I had assumed going solar would be expensive, but SunCommon offers a different financial model. I chose to pay nothing upfront and now have a monthly payment that’s a few dollars less each month than what I was paying the utility company. For me, having a predictable and fixed energy bill was my goal along with my desire to lesson my carbon footprint.
Christopher MasiBarre City
Heat pumps are a great solution for Vermonters. They provide year round comfort at a fair price and are a perfect match for solar!! The feedback we get from our clients is “exceeds expectations, quiet and comfortable."
Mark StephensonVermont Energy

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