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We are succeeding by celebrating creativity, cross-functional collaboration, high energy, hard work, good play, deep networking and acknowledging that we’ll each make mistakes and learn from them. We know success. We know fun. Come do both with us.

Our open positions are listed below. To apply to our Vermont clean energy jobs, send us your resume and a cover letter (both in PDF format) describing what interests you about this position, why you believe you’d succeed at it, and one of your greatest accomplishments. Please do send us a cover letter – it helps us get to know you, and we really do read them!

SunCommon® of course is an equal opportunity employer and we don’t tolerate harassment or other discrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, caregiver status, pregnancy, military or veteran status, race, color, religion, national origin, place of birth, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information or any other legally protected status.


In addition to meaningful work, we offer competitive salary and generous benefits in our dog-friendly offices. Our commitment to our beloved employees is reflected in the following benefits across the company, in both Vermont and New York. Individual benefits for employees based on position are included in each job description.

Employee Meals and Celebrations

We cater lunch at monthly All Company meetings, to foster employee collegiality. And there’s usually cake for someone’s birthday or other celebrations.

Confidential Survey

We annually seek feedback from our employees on what is working and how to serve them better. This includes benefits, training and development, and performance feedback.

We are really excited to not being paying an electric bill! In our first year we really started building a credit. It’s really cool that we can run our home on the sun. We’re producing our own power and it’s clean. Now I’d love an electric car so I can plug into my solar system. Powering our car with our home – how cool would that be!
Jennifer MartinSt. Albans Solar Homeowner
"Beer brewing and packaging uses a lot of energy. We’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and solar was a perfect fit. We can run our machinery on the sun – why not? To celebrate going solar we’re brewing up a delicious Sun Rocked IPA with nice tropical fruit, berries and citrus flavors - everything that summer sunshine represents."
Matt NadeauCo-owner of Rock Art Brewery
I appreciated that though we could’ve built a larger solar system, SunCommon made sure we didn’t overspend for our energy needs. We got the solar system sized to produce enough energy to power our family’s needs and make economic sense. SunCommon wanted to size it right to suit our family. They were looking out for us.
Scott McCallaRutland, VT
I’m excited that SunCommon and other businesses are driving towards a clean energy future in Rutland County. The benefits of local, clean energy solutions that work for everyday people are many, whether providing jobs for Vermonters, increasing home values or saving households money on essential goods. A SunCommon solar advisor came to my house to provide a free solar assessment yesterday, and it was a great opportunity to learn more about solar in general as well as how it can save money for my family.
Rep. Steve CarD-Rutland and Chair of House Committee on Energy and Technology
I have a strong sense of independence, whether it’s food independence or energy independence. I love that the solar array on my barn roof provides power to run the farm.
Liz HinckleyWaterbury, VT
We work with people we like and trust. We got to know and trust the SunCommon people very quickly. There is a growing trend of people going solar here. This community is welcoming solar and environmental responsibility with well thought-out solutions.
Charlie BrowneSolar since 2015
We’re pretty frugal. Going solar was a really big step for us, but it’s been a great investment. We were initially motivated to go solar because of environmental reasons, but the financial benefit really paid off.
Elizabeth Wagner, FairfaxSolar since 2013
Buying our solar system was a "no brainer" and SED (now SunCommon) made the whole process easy and educational. They provided a great financing option, took care of all the RGE & NYSERDA paperwork, were very responsive to our questions, and worked very well with our roofer to install an integrated roof and solar solution. We highly recommend SunCommon if you're considering "going solar".
Chris & Margaret TsaiWebster SunCommon Residential Solar Customers
"We haven’t had an electric bill since going solar because SunCommon designed our solar system to generate enough power to run our home all year long. As we upgrade our household appliances we know we’re going to go electric so that more of our home is powered by solar."
Sandy and Al Middlesex, VT
We have high power bills with our two kids, a pool, hot tub and central air. Plus, I love to bake so our oven is in use quite a bit. We weren't sure which one of our lifestyle choices was raising our electric bill. The only thing we could figure out was a way to cut down the cost, so we went solar.
Nancy Lavoie, Colchester

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