Grassroots Solar Organizer – NY


SunCommon is a Benefit Corporation based out of Waterbury Center that is fueled by the belief that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and brighter future – and renewable energy is where it starts. Energy from the sun can power our lives and build vibrant communities. Our mission is to tear down barriers to clean energy and use our business as a force for good!


SunCommon is a marriage of two innovative, renewable energy companies, one here in Rochester, NY and our new partner in Waterbury, VT. In January 2017, the companies joined forces to become a regional solar powerhouse that boasts 70% of the solar market share in Rochester, a thriving commercial solar construction engine that serves several north east states, Vermont’s largest residential solar business and flourishing community solar in both VT and NY.


This position is an entry-level grassroots, marketing role. It is an intensive, people person position that requires stamina, resilience and determination. The best person for this role is a passionate educator who is a splendid communicator, eager to learn, friendly to all and driven by results.


Educate and involve the public on solar energy options (residential and community solar) through direct lead generation and community events

Build people power by raising awareness on the benefits of solar energy to the public and the planet, as well as our solar friends’ benefit program

Maintain high performance lead generation by meeting daily goals

Help innovate SunCommon’s grassroots community work, as we continue to expand the program

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: with Community members, peers and supervisor, in writing, in person or by telephone or email – all the time, never stops. Communication is key to any great relationship!

Administrative Activities — Performing day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining accurate information on targeted areas, preparing areas for outreach, reporting leads generated into CRM software or other tracking platform

Be a great team player!


Typical 40-hour Week

25 hours – direct lead generation

5 hours – office time-entering leads, training, prepping materials, etc.

5 hours –travel

5 hours – events


5 new Leads (Partial or Complete) per day

25 new Leads per week

40% of Leads will be Complete Leads

In general we expect that 95% of your day’s tasks will be defined and set in motion by specific project tasks and other SunCommon employees leaving at least 5% of your time to generate near term value, innovate, and help to improve the community/world/planet in your own unique way.


Starting pay -$12 per hour, plus incentives based on leads.


We feel huge responsibility to succeed, to honor our triple bottom line-commitments to people (our employees & their families, our Customers and residents of the communities where we do business), planet (our local environment and the broader globe, given climate change) and profit (providing capital to grow, revenue to share among our employees, and a reasonable return to our investors). This is important work and we have fun doing it. Innovation is fun stuff!


Please follow the link to our HR website to submit your resume and cover letter. SunCommon is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we don’t tolerate harassment or other discrimination based upon sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, caregiver status, pregnancy, military or veteran status, race, color, religion, national origin, place of birth, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information or any other legally protected status.


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