Rock Art Solar Install

Rock Art Solar Powered Brewery

SunCommon helped Rock Art go solar!

Located in Morrisville, VT, Rock Art Brewery is the first brewery in Vermont to be 100% solar-powered, maybe even the first in the Nation. Congratulations Rock Art!

Visit their website,, to learn more about their brewery and their delicious beers including the SunRocked IPA.

About The Installation

System is designed to meet 100% of Rock Art Brewery’s electricity needs – so from June 2017 forward, all Rock Art beer will be solar-powered beer!

Total project size: 67kW (This could power approximately 10 Vermont homes.)

Total Number of Solar Panels: 200

Location: Rock Art Brewery 632 Laporte Road, Morrisville, VT 05661

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Vermont Beer, Meet Vermont Solar.

SunRocked IPA, Vermont’s First Solar Powered Beer

To commemorate the first solar-powered beer, Rock Art brewed the SunRocked IPA. It’s a Limited Run so get yours now!

Nice honey gold body, with a balance of malt and hop flavors. Hop flavors of tropical fruits, berries & citrus. (6% ABV – 60 IBU)

Release Date: June 28th, 2017.

Sun Rocked Solar Powered Beer IPA

Available at Rock Art Brewery in Morrisville, VT and at local beer sellers including (but not limited to):

  • Cheese Traders in South Burlington
  • Richmond Market
  • Shelburne Market
  • Healthy Living Cafe & Market in South Burlington
  • Shelburne Meat Market
  • Shelburne Meat Market in Williston
  • Killington Market
  • Brattleboro Food Coop
  • Middlebury Natural Foods Coop
  • Chittenden Cider Mill & Farmstand in South Burlington
  • Village Market in Waterbury
  • Crossroads Beverage in Waterbury
  • Morrisville Beverage
  • Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier
  • Pearl Street Beverage in Burlington
  • Bristol Discount Beverage
  • Lucky Spot in Richmond
  • Lyndonville Redemption
  • Middlebury Redemption
  • Winooski Beverage
  • Manchester Beverage
  • Stowe Beverage
  • Alpine Mart in Stowe
  • Public House in Hinesburg
  • Beaudry’s Store in Huntington
  • Terrill Street Beverage in Rutland
  • Beer King in Rutland
  • Allen Brothers in Westminstser
  • Hidden Acres Campground in Dummerston
Owners of a proud solar brewery

Why Did Rock Art Decide to Go Solar?

Beer brewing and packaging uses a lot of energy. We’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and solar was a perfect fit. We can run our machinery on the sun – why not? To celebrate going solar we’re brewing up a delicious Sun Rocked IPA with nice tropical fruit, berries and citrus flavors - everything that summer sunshine represents.
Matt NadeauCo-owner of Rock Art Brewery

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