Central Hudson Utility Rates Are Increasing – Beat the Increase With Solar

Have you heard that Central Hudson delivery charges are going up 10% in 2019, and again in 2020?

Central Hudson has announced that their rates will be going up the next two years. Their delivery charges just increased 10% in July, and will go up 10% again in 2020. Avoid surprise bill hikes by going solar with us now. Your new solar electric system will give you a fixed monthly payment, with each payment getting you closer to owning your solar outright (and ditching a monthly bill all together).

Going solar provides you with control and predictability, because your payment is never going to go up. Why does this matter? Well, if your boiler goes, the kids need new jackets or your car gets a flat, and then in that same month your utility bill increases? That’s going to be a tough pill to swallow. Solar can’t help with the first three, but it can certainly help with the last one.

With utility power, you are locked into an agreement where the rules can change at any time. You never signed anything with them, but you are in a contract that lasts a lifetime. As long as you need power, you are going to have to pay them. Why not get in a contract where you know what you’re paying, and in the end, the contract is with yourself? Unless you plan on going without lights or appliances, you are in an agreement where the price can go up at any time, and without warning for no reason.

How long do you plan on paying for energy?

It’s likely that you will always need energy for your home. Buying power from our utility or your fuel dealer is like paying rent – you pay every month but never build equity or lasting value.

When you go solar, you stop the cycle of paying for electricity forever.

Solar Payment means savings over the utility payment graph

Energy costs tend to head in one direction: UP!

Rising Rates of US Utility Power in a graph
  • The price of gas went up $0.30 from 2017 to 2018.
  • Heating costs are projected to increase.
  • Electricity costs are also projected to increase for the next two years.

When you power and/or heat your home with solar, you take back control – and avoid rising costs. 

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