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SunCommon Solar Canopy
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SunCommon Solar Canopy

The Solar Canopy — a new way for Vermonters to go solar

Each Vermont home is unique.  We aim to match the right solar solution to your home and property. The Solar Canopy is our latest innovation.  Now, we can help you go solar over your driveway, your patio, your woodpile, or create a functional, new, outdoor space with this beautiful, timber frame structure.

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Solar Canopy benefits:

  • Enjoy a beautiful, timber frame structure supporting the solar roof.
  • Power every aspect of your life with clean energy.  The Solar Canopy’s roof provides enough power to cover the needs of an average Vermont home.
  • Designed to take advantage of snow, we use glass solar panels on our Canopies that absorb light from both the front and the back thanks to Sunpreme bi-facial solar panels.  If the Canopy is covered with snow on top, the underside of the panels will still produce power from the sunlight reflected off the snow-covered ground.
  • No upfront cost, low interest financing
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Vermont is a beautiful place, and we want solar to fit into our built environment and working landscape. I designed SunCommon's new Solar Canopy to be both beautiful and functional, embracing Vermont’s classic heritage and its clean energy future.
James MooreCo-founder
We couldn't put a traditional ground-mounted solar array in our backyard because it would have taken up valuable yard space. When we saw the design of the Solar Canopy and how beautiful it looked - not to mention its functionality - we were sold. Our Solar Canopy will produce more than enough electricity for our home and electric vehicle while serving as our covered patio.
RJ ThompsonResidential solar since 2016

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