Waterbury Record – Local Solar Company Celebrates First Year

Elected officials, economic development representatives and staff of SunCommon gathered at the Otter home in Montpelier to celebrate the Waterbury-based solar company’s first birthday. In its first year, SunCommon installed 248 residential solar systems, making it the largest residential solar installer in the state, according to a press release. SunCommon currently has 53 employees and contractors.

Gov. Peter Shumlin attended the event along with Peter Hood, chairman of the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation; Jeff Peck, president of Peck Electric; and two solar homeowners, including Johannes Otter.  “In our first year, SunCommon was responsible for half of all solar installations in Vermont,” said SunCommon co-president Duane Peterson. “This year, we plan to double our impact, installing over 500 solar systems for Vermont homes and businesses.”

State policymakers are currently debating the future of Vermont’s solar programs.  “Our industry is on the cusp of making solar truly common in the state,” Peterson said. “To withdraw support now is to take the legs out from under this growing industry.”





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