We’re local Vermont solar! We are a Vermont company committed to tearing down the barriers to renewable energy in our Green Mountain State. One of the joys of creating our venture was the luxury of selecting people who we want to collaborate with. SunCommon® highly appreciates the many folks who help make these solar wheels turn. We sought to work with businesses that share our values and are enjoyable to work with.

Peck Electric

To achieve the scale that Vermonters who want to go solar deserve, we sought the capacity to install thousands of systems and turned to the most respected and largest electrical contractors around. Peck Electric is a union shop that hires certified electricians who are members of IBEW Local 300, so we know that the men and women we send out to install the solar systems are the best trained and most expert available. And Vermont Works for Women recruits young people into this dynamic trade for lifelong skilled, green jobs.

Vermont Energy and Excel Heating and Plumbing

These guys make us all warm and fuzzy because they’re our beloved solar heating installers. When you decide to add solar heating to your home, we coordinate with Vermont Energy or Excel to make sure your heat pump is installed efficiently. The personable crews ensure your experience is top notch.

Vermont State Employees Credit Union (VSECU)

In keeping with our mission to make solar affordable and easy, we absolutely treasure the relationship we have with our local credit union VSECU. Not only do these guys offer the most competitive low-interest solar loans, but they do so with an attention to service that you just can’t get from those big banks.

Deep Dish Creative

Websites are often either gorgeous or functional; Lara Dickson designed our site to be both. We believe it hits all our goals: it’s attractive, organizes the information well and encourages folks to sign up to learn more. Lara is super easy-going and hit all her deadlines and budget.

Gotham City Graphics

Amey Radcliffe is so talented and a delight to work with. We expressed what we hoped our look and feel would convey, and she ran with it to create our logo and landscape imagery that perfectly captures who we are. Always attuned to our budgets and timelines, Amey designs with professional grace.

Awesome Graphics

Since our folks who work in the field need transportation to and fro, we figured their rides could communicate who we are to the thousands of people who see them everyday. Thus our fleet of 30 vehicles, including our Solar Express carpool van, are wrapped head-to-toe in our landscape image, executed gorgeously by Awesome Graphics.

Alderman’s Toyota

We’ve outfitted our staff with the best Prius cars from this wonderful local dealership in Rutland. We always look forward to the Alderman’s crew arriving with our newest fleet additions and their cups of coffee and conversation.

Perfection Motorsports

The friendly folks at Perfection Motorsports provide our sturdy construction trailers, which carry all the solar panels, tools, poles, racking and other hardware to the homes, businesses and schools where we install solar. Like our cars, we’ve wrapped our trailers with our logo and landscape so they stand out at the job site.

Gristmill Builders

We occupy an entire floor of Vermont’s largest net-zero office building – The Energy Mill located on the Waterbury-Stowe line. Conceived and built by Brendan O’Reilly, the Energy Mill is the first on a campus of green buildings that Brenden plans to fill with like-minded sustainable businesses. It features geothermal heating and cooling, solar thermal hot water and solar electric panels, as well as locally milled lumber and reused building materials. He built us an organic, fair trade, free range building that reflects our values and is a great place to come to work — all the while attentive to keeping costs reasonable – in true Vermonter fashion.

Small Dog Electronics

After we made the decision to outfit our folks with Macs, it was an easy decision to source them from Vermont’s Apple dealer Small Dog Electronics whose founder Don Meyer pioneered many of the sustainable practices that companies like ours seek to emulate. The desire to “buy local” also brought pricing the same as faceless online stores. In addition we received the benefit of great personal service as they came to our office to install and configure our most essential business equipment.

Trudell Consulting Engineers

The people at TCE work with SunCommon on two major aspects of our process for large system installations; wetlands delineations & vegetation inventories and the surveys. We contract with Trudell to arrange for one of their consultants to visit the site where they assess the natural resources in the location of the proposed array. We also contract with one of Trudell’s Licensed Land Surveyors who does the deed research, generates an easement plan and stakeouts easements & wetlands buffers for our solar arrays.


We provide lunch at our twice-monthly  All Company meetings, so that means lots of great meals from our local restaurants. They say the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach? We couldn’t agree more. Thank you to:

Red Hen Bakery, Maxi’s, Prohibition Pig, Sushi Yoshi, Atzlan, Open Hearth Pizza, Ocha, Mediterranean Mix (Waterbury Farmers Market), Hong Kong Chinese, Zacharys, Jimmz, Benders, New Moon Cafe, Edelweiss, and Cafe on Main.


Vermont Benefit Corporation B-Corp   VBSR  Social Venture Network  Renewable Energy Vermont



Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility unites over 1500 companies in our small state who strive to operate sustainably, with respect for the people we do business with and the environment that supports us.

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