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Our culture is intentional, and we value it deeply. We celebrate open and honest communication, hard work, creativity, cross-functional collaboration, high energy, good play, deep networking and acknowledging that we’ll each make mistakes and learn from them.

Vermont BCorp

Vermont Benefit Corporation B-CorpSunCommon® was organized from the beginning as a Vermont Benefit Corporation and is a Certified BCorp, having passed a rigorous assessment of responsible business practices. That means it was our choice to be legally bound to put our employees, our communities and the habitat that sustains us all on equal footing with making a profit.

We feel a huge responsibility to succeed – in order to honor our triple bottom line commitments to people (our employees and their families, our customers and residents of the communities where we do business), planet (Vermont’s beloved environment and the broader globe, given climate change) and profit (providing capital to grow, revenue to share among our employees and a reasonable return to our investors).

Commitment to People

We believe that work can be joyful, and we look forward to coming to work each day. Ours is a culture that values creativity and collaboration, and our staff works hard to help Vermonters go solar. In order to support them in this endeavor, we offer a generous benefit package, which includes a competitive wage, fully-paid for health insurance for staff and their families, catered lunches on all company meeting days, training and professional development, and a culture that nourishes an energized and engaged workplace. Our employees voted us among the Best Places to Work in Vermont, and it shows in the quality of the work they do for their company.

Commitment to Planet and Communities

Our Communities

Our employees are active in our community, and the communities in which they live. We love to participate in local events such as the Corporate Cup 5K, Green Up Day, LungForce, Magic Hat’s Mardi Gras Parade and the WayToGo! Commuter Challenge, to name a few.

Our Investments

At SunCommon, we believe everyone has the right to a healthy environment and safer world – and clean energy is the place to start. We’ve divested our employee retirements from dangerous and financially insecure fossil fuel investments.

Our Friends

As a business, SunCommon wants to support other local businesses and like-minded companies. We work with a long list of local partners and businesses to do our work.

Our Digs

We’re proud of our new space, Vermont’s largest net-POSITIVE office building. We produce more energy than we use. Inhabiting this building is just the next step in our company’s work to serve our fellow Vermonters, helping them fight climate change while saving money.

SunCommon's new office building

Our Fleet

SunCommon Vermont Benefit CorporationA bunch of our SunCommon employees work in the field. They drive hybrid gas-electric Toyota Priuses (although we prefer the plural Prii). And we scored two electric Chevy Volts, powered by our building’s solar panels, to show how Vermonters fuel our cars off solar panels and say goodbye to gasoline.

The newest addition to our fleet is our Solar Express commuter van. Departing from Burlington everyday, the Solar Express allows our workers to ditch their cars and hitch a ride to work in a much more affordable, and environmentally friendly, mode of transportation.

SunCommon Best Places to Work Vermont 2015Accolades

We think that our business and staff shine pretty brightly, and we’re excited to have received the following recognition for the work that we do and our positive impact on Vermont:

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