Top Ten Myths and Misconceptions About Solar, Explained

Do you want to go solar, but don’t think you can? Think again! A lot has changed in the the last couple years. (For example, did you know solar companies can actually install on east and west-facing roofs now?)

Here are the most common misconceptions we’re hearing from folks:

“Solar won’t work for me because…”

1. “It’s too expensive for me.”

When did you last check it out? It’s worth looking again! Prices have come down over time. Plus, our processes have become more efficient, and we’ve even joined a solar cooperative to get us group discounts on products.

2. “I don’t use enough electricity.”

There are so many ways that we all use power, specifically from fossil fuels, in our lives. Have you considered switching out old appliances for newer versions that run on electricity (and potentially clean solar power)? Some ideas include heat pumps, electric hot water heaters, an electric vehicle, and more! These options also tend to be more energy efficient, meaning you would probably save a lot of money–in addition to energy–in the long run.

Solar Homesteading

3. “I don’t qualify for financing.”

Check again! Credit scores can improve over time, and we now have a couple of different financing partners, so one may work for you now.

4. “My roof type doesn’t work.”

We’ve expanded our offerings in recent years—we can now help with roofs that are asphalt shingle, even double layered asphalt shingle, and corrugated or standing seam metal.

5. “I have a tree, skylight, chimney, etc. that shades my roof.”

Just because part of your roof is shaded doesn’t mean we can’t put a system elsewhere — like a ground array in your yard. Sometimes we can even put small systems on two different roofs to make it work if shade is getting in the way. Plus, these days a little bit of shade doesn’t hurt your production too much, thanks to improvements in panel technology.

6. “My roof doesn’t face the right way.”

East and west facing roofs can work just fine if shading is limited! And don’t forget you can always put solar in your yard with a ground solar array. If you really can’t put solar on your property and you live in New York, you could also go solar offsite, by joining a Community Solar Array (we call them CSAs). CSAs are like solar power plants that we’ve built all around the state. You can go solar by buying energy directly from one of these. Learn more here.

7. “I looked into a ground mount before, but it didn’t work for me.”

Our design size options have changed in order to meet the needs of more people. Best of all: our costs for ground mounts have come down dramatically, more than any other product we offer!

Community Solar Array

8. “Solar won’t be cost-effective now that incentives have gone away.”

Not true! Yes, incentives are going down over time, but there is still plenty of incentive money on the table. Most importantly, the 30% federal tax credit is still fully available, but this is the last year you can get that full amount. Any solar system not installed this year will get the 2020 incentive rate which will cost the average homeowner about $1000 more.

9. “I’m moving soon or considering moving.”

Lots of recent studies are showing that adding solar actually increases home value by a big margin, and it helps your home sell faster. So unless you’re moving immediately, adding solar is actually a pretty wise idea.

10. “We’re waiting until the technology gets better.”

Solar panel technology is tried and true by this point. New trendy products (like roof tiles and thin-film solar) pop up occasionally, but there’s a reason none of them have caught on the way traditional solar panels have. We feel incredibly confident in the products we offer, which are of the highest quality and offer some of the best production per square foot available on the market. And with a guarantee of 25 years, you really can’t go wrong.

Want to learn more about the benefits of solar? Our solar advisors are always happy to chat! Give us a call at 802-882-8170 (VT) or 866-452-7652 (NY), or sign up to learn more.

This post is part of our Knowledge is Power series. Solar has changed a lot in the last couple years — learn how.


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