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The SunCommon Installation team ensures every roof and backyard solar array is handled and installed with great care and expertise. Through the hot days of summer to the bitter cold of winter, these are the smiling faces you'll meet on your big day - your solar install day!
Tae grew up in a small town in upstate New York. He grew up in and around the trades from an early age, working with his father a skilled lifetime Carpenter and Electrician. He fell in love with wood working. After attending a 4 year Violin making apprenticeship in Boiling springs PA, he then moved to Fredericksburg VA to be a luthier in a Stringed instrument making and and restoration shop. Missing home Tae moved back to upstate New York and found himself applying to work for SolarCity. He quickly realized that he loved installing PV. After only 6 months of hire he was made a lead and ran PV crews for 4 years. SolarCity then was acquired by Tesla and with it came new products. The largest residential Storage contract in the united states gave Tae the opportunity to learn and build the storage industry. With a skillset built through past experience and a desire to continue to grow, Tae is now happy to be installing Powerwalls for Suncommon.

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