Shawn Lessord

PV Sales Associate

Shawn comes to SunCommon after designing over 3 Megawatts of residential and commercial solar PV systems. He is credited with the design of the first solar project on the preservation district of East Ave, the design of the first solar PV project in over 40 different municipal districts, the creation of the first Rochester-based Solar Home Tour, and the design and install of solar PV projects for two Municipal Power Districts (MPD).

The connection to solar extends beyond the regular work hours for Shawn as he is proud to live in a net zero energy home with a 4.8Kw solar PV system, instant hot water heater, and more! When he’s not designing and promoting solar adoption in the Greater Rochester area, Shawn is actively involved in solar PV safety education for First Responders and volunteering whenever he can be useful. He also does outreach and educational programming for various community projects in Hamlin, Clarkson, and Brockport.

Shawn is a native of Brockport and lives in a solar-powered home with his wife, Lori, and daughters, Kara and Magin.

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