Scott Abbett

Director of Solar Development

Scott originally joined the NY team in 2005 as a wind development consultant. In the early years Scott helped to manage wind resource feasibility studies, wind production analysis, and became a senior project manager for the construction of various DG wind projects across New England ranging from 100kW to 850kW.

In 2012 Scott started his transition from wind to solar managing an ARRA grant for Tangier Island in the Chesapeake bay to install ~200kW of solar projects. The projects included various municipal and community buildings to help offset the high price of electricity on the remote island. Solar projects opportunities continued to increase in size and number opening a position for Scott to become a Director of PV Development for Commercial Solar projects.
To date Scott has installed over 20MW of solar and wind projects. Notable projects are:

  • 850kW Gamesa wind turbine feeding the SunCommon office microgrid.
  • · 1.5MW ballasted solar system on a capped landfill, helping the Town of Williamson, NY municipal loads achieve 100% solar.
  • · GC for a 7MW 3-interconnection point ballasted solar system on a brownfield redevelopment.

Scott, a 2000 graduate of JMU, is a SunCommon NY owner and member of the SunCommon Board of Directors. Scott lives in Rochester with his wife Rachel and toddler twins and enjoys playing volleyball in his free time.

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