Ryan Loysen

Community Outreach

Ryan joined the SunCommon NY team in August 2017. He works with the Marketing team to develop and implement outreach opportunities. He communicates with the public to increase awareness of residential solar opportunities in the region. He also networks with community organizations to expand SunCommon’s visibility in the community.

He previously worked for a combined 15 years with the Monroe County Parks Department and the Seneca Park Zoo Society, promoting environmental stewardship, and wildlife conservation, respectively.

He is a Rochester native, who has always had a passion for environmental stewardship and sustainability. He has served as an Education Volunteer for Braddock Bay Raptor Research for 15 years. He enjoys trail running, kayaking, birding, and hiking with his dogs. He lives in Irondequoit with his wife Melisa, his two step-sons, Aidan and Brennan, and his three dogs Wiley, Lucy, and Papi.

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