Residential Operations Manager

These folks keep the SunCommon solar coaster organized and running smoothly. From equipment to delivery, Solar Installation Coordinators get everything in place for an efficient solar experience.

Rhiannon grew up in the sagebrush covered foothills of Wyoming. She left for the Green Mountains of Vermont in 1998 to study architecture. After completing an Associates degree in Architecture and Building Engineering Technology at Vermont Technical College as well as a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences with a focus on Sustainability and Preservation of the Built and Natural Worlds at the University of Vermont and spending several years working in architectural firms, she found she was a natural fit for SunCommon.  She brought with her a love of Vermont, a strong work ethic and organizational skills that border obsession. When she’s not ensuring solar projects get installed, you won’t find her because she’ll be in the woods on an adventure with her husband and dog.

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