Grassroots Organizing Manager

Solar Community Organizers are the folks who are out and about educating and assisting, one town at a time.

Reynaldo manages the SunCommon field team in Rhinebeck, NY. Together, they are transforming communities into sustainable energy hubs and vocal, self-empowered advocates for a cleaner and brighter future for the planet, grounded in the belief that everyone has the right to a clean environment. On the front lines of SunCommons community relations, he and his team have the privilege to focus on making SunCommon a force for good. He lived on a solar powered family farm before studying Political Science and Public Policy at Rockefeller College and starting his career in government relations and progressive political campaigns. While executing a voter turnout project in the Hudson Valley, he fell in love with the regions unique character and vibrant communities. Before that, he worked on a plethora of state, local, and federal campaigns. He also served the State University of New York; representing the interests of students to the state and federal government, collaborating with faculty unions on critical maintenance, and managing a comprehensive policy, staff, and communications portfolio. He continues to advise members of the SUNY Board of Trustees. Outside of work, he enjoys working on passion projects focused on progressive policy reform, reading and writing about politics, and chilling with his two cats (Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt). When he’s not brainstorming new ways to unnecessarily incorporate spreadsheets into daily life, he spends time ordering takeout and binge watching The Office with his partner in Albany.

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