Residential Project Manager

Our Residential Project Managers join your project team once your system design is complete. They work behind the scenes to coordinate the all the logistics of your install.
Rebecca ended up at SunCommon because she used to work at Hudson Solar before leaving for WV for a few years. She came back to VT and knew she had to get back into solar with a great company, and who better than SunCommon! She loves that her personal values align with the mission and goals set by SunCommon and is thrilled to be working here. 
Rebecca grew up in WV, where she found her love for the outdoors. She received a BS in Chemistry and an MS in Environmental Science. She started off in the oil and gas industry, and quickly learned that she strongly disagreed with every aspect of her job, so she moved to Albany, NY where she started working in solar and never looked back. 
Outside of work Rebecca loves spending time with her husband, Nathan, and their 2 dogs, Captain & Groot. They love hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, reading, cooking, and exploring all of VT and the Adirondack mountains. Rebecca also loves to travel when there isn’t a pandemic going on!

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