Rachel Larson

Community Solar Catalyst

Rachel joined SunCommon NY in 2010, believing that she found the closest family in the eastern U.S. to match her progressive Oregon roots. She leads SunCommon’s new Community Solar Outreach program, helping to link individuals’ concerns for climate change into local, tangible empowerment for green energy and a safer planet. Rachel loves working in all aspects of people care, utilizing her twenty years of nonprofit management as a coordinator, motivator and general force for common good. She proudly serves on the Executive Team of Rochester’s People Climate Coalition and as Board Treasurer for Metro Justice. Rachel is happiest as a community activist and a family manager of a professor, numerous furry pets, a bee hive, and two bright kids that are growing up too fast. She has a Master’s degree in Community Development from Portland State University. Her family made Rochester their home in 2009.

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