Residential Project Coordinator

Our Residential Project Management and Customer Support team are with you every step of the way, starting from the day you sign your agreement until after you are installed.

Rachael grew up in Huntington, Vermont snowboarding, hiking and mastering trampoline tricks. She earned an Associate Degree in Biotechnology from Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from the UVM. Rachael grew her project managements skills through a 10 year career in cancer epidemiology research with the Harvard School of Public Health and UVM. As an avid snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast, she wanted a direct hand in preserving the environment by changing the way we use and source energy. She transferred her skill set to agriculture energy efficiency in 2016 and to renewable energy with SunCommon in 2018. Days at SunCommon are spent assisting the Residential Project Management team with the nuts and bolts of preparing for an installation. When Rachael is not working she is disc golfing, climbing, trail running, camping, kayaking or enjoying her hammock.

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