Residential Project Manager

Our Residential Project Managers are with you every step of the way, starting from the day you sign your agreement right through to powering-up your system. They work behind the scenes to coordinate the details of your solar array construction.
Molly grew up in the middle of nowhere in Virginia where she spent more time outside than inside. She routinely helped her mom tend to the gardens and she learned at an early age that hard work and a sense of community can yield prolific results whether it be robust plants or a network of caring neighbors. Since then, she has continued to deepen her knowledge of sustainable living and cultivating relationships of all kinds.
She has been a plant geek her whole life and enjoys exploring new places all over the country and world. She attended college at University of Vermont and then lived in a truck while on a cross country trip with her boyfriend. She is a Junior Ranger at more than twenty national parks. She and her partner ended up back in Vermont after all and Molly became a Solar Installer for SunCommon before transitioning to project management.

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