Luke Spencer

Commercial Design Manager

Luke joined the NY division of SunCommon as a Wind Energy Project Manager in 2011, where he worked on residential scale design and construction. He continued work as a Project Engineer starting in 2013, leading the design process on multiple Mega-watt scale Wind Turbines around the country. In 2016 he made the transition to designing commercial scale Solar Projects where he is indispensable at the success of large projects in terms of their scope and financial viability. Luke is also challenging SunCommon to become an energy storage lead installer, acting on the inevitable future of our renewable energy grid.

A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology in engineering, Luke’s keen interest in sustainability and humanitarian aid has defined his life including his work with Gulf Coast and Haiti disaster relief efforts, and housing rights activism here in Rochester NY. Luke is looking towards the next phases of Renewable Energy by starting a Masters Degree in Fall of 2017 and expanding his knowledge base on Energy Storage and Micro-grids.

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