Kathleen Connolly

PV Design Manager

Kathleen officially joined the SunCommon staff in the summer of 2015. After interning with SunCommon in 2014, she couldn’t get enough and came back for more. Kathleen handles designing SunCommon’s commercial solar projects. This includes working with utilities, town and state agencies, and outside engineers to formulate a clear and efficient design. She also aides in the permitting and grant process, working closely with government agencies to make it seamless. In addition, Kathleen oversees and manages our residential solar program that she established in 2015. Kathleen is a 2013 graduate of SUNY Cortland where she earned a bachelors degree in Math, Physics and Education. She returned to Cortland for her masters degree in Sustainable Energy Systems and graduated in 2015. She and her boyfriend Wyatt live in Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts and love exploring all that Rochester has to offer. She enjoys hiking, tennis, and parenting their new kitten, Bean. Kathleen is a native of Orange County, NY.

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