Commercial Project Manager

The SunCommon commercial team is focused on bringing solar options to businesses, both large and small

In 2004 Josh began his career in the solar industry with a Vermont based company helping families and businesses in the Northeast go solar. For the next 7 years, as solar industry grew, Josh built and managed projects throughout Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.
After being worn out by the hectic pace of life in the NYC metro area, Josh moved with his wife to a town in the Andes mountains in Ecuador. After several years of working with the local people, Josh saw an opportunity to open a coffee shop and bakery that would support the local economy and skilled artisans while showcasing the coffee that was grown nearby. The cafe was awarded as the region’s top pick by Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor.
After 7 years, Josh recognized the need to continue building a sustainable and renewable energy future, so he and his wife moved back to Josh’s home state of Vermont. The values and goals of SunCommon aligned and Josh jumped back into the solar world. He still enjoys finding coffee at one of the many great coffee shops in Vermont.

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