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The SunCommon Marketing team directly engages community members, spreading the news about going solar at no upfront cost

Before joining the inaugural staff of SunCommon in 2012, Jessica spent six years organizing on behalf of the environment and the public interest.  Jessica graduated from Bates College with a degree in Biology and promptly moved to Montpelier where she worked as the State Director for Toxics Action Center, a nonprofit that works side-by-side with residents to prevent and clean up pollution.  Jessica’s passion for community action led her to spend a number of summers running large door-to-door citizen outreach campaigns, building support in Vermont and Pennsylvania for clean energy and clean water programs.

She continues to live in Montpelier with her husband Ben and their pup Nico, and serves on Montpelier’s City Council, representing District 3.  Read more about Jessica on our Blog!

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