Residential Project Manager

Our Residential Project Managers will join your project team once your system design is complete. They work behind the scenes to coordinate the all the logistics of your install.
How did you end up at SunCommon?

Having a wide background working in regenerative agriculture, food systems, and outdoor education, I’ve always been curious about renewable energy and decarbonizing our energy grid on a community and industrial scale. When it came time to find my next career, I kept my options mostly limited to B Corps that share my values and make efforts to cultivate a culture that I wouldn’t have to make personal compromises on. Once I found SunCommon, they stayed right at the top of my list!

What were you up to before you started working here? 

I was living in Wisconsin (my home state) and earning my Masters of Science in Organizational Development at Lakeland University!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I have a wide range of passions and hobbies in outdoor recreation! My biggest lifelong passion is whitewater kayaking (loving the creeks and rivers in New England) wilderness canoe trips, and skate skiing! I’m also slowly getting back into mountain biking, and am super stoked to make the move from snowboarding to alpine skiing this winter- its been a while since I learned a new hobby! I also love cooking and reading (mostly environmental literature).

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