Solar Designer

Our Solar Designers each have college degrees and special training in the design of solar systems. They’ll use an aerial image of your place in addition to the information you provide to design the just the right solar system for you.

Ian grew up on a small homestead in the backwoods of Vermont. Hard work and self-sustainability are values he’s appreciated from a young age. Growing up skiing and mountain biking helped Ian cultivate his passion for the outdoors. While learning the electrical trade he discovered opportunities in fields of renewable energy and sustainability. This and his desire to help better the planet led him to attend VTC in pursuit of a degree in renewable energy engineering. Ian landed an internship with SunCommon on the install team while still in college; a huge career milestone for him. After graduating Ian has continued to work hard whether it be in the field or behind a desk. If he’s not at work, he is probably in the mountains.

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We’re here to help you find your solar solution, whether that be solar at home, at your small business, or on a larger commercial structure. Click the button to get started. Thank you!
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