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Our Storytelling and Marketing team collects the stories behind our solar movement. Our work connects our communities through photo, video, social media, print and the web. We love to share our story!

Ethan grew up in the Adirondacks, skiing, hiking and racing canoes. After graduating from Colgate University, he traveled out West to live and play in the mountains of Utah. There, Ethan developed his digital marketing chops with, an e-commerce company that specialized in outdoor gear and equipment. Within the tight knit community of the outdoor retail industry, Ethan began to understand the immense influence that a morals driven organization could have. Concerned by the diminishing snow pack, and the growing threats to the outdoor spaces and activities he held dear, he moved to Vermont to pursue a career in renewable energy and sustainability. That’s when Ethan found SunCommon, or maybe they found him? When not behind his desk, you can find him in the woods on either skis or a bike, depending on the weather.

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