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Customer Support is your go-to team for questions about your existing solar system or community solar membership.

Eloise grew up in Moretown, Vermont where her passion for environmental justice, agriculture, and sustainable initiatives truly began. After graduating with dual degrees in Africana and Environmental Studies from Oberlin College, she became an environmental educator and taught garden education in Chicago and then New Orleans, Louisiana for four years. She co-founded a women-powered landscaping company, taught in the Caribbean on a film set, and then decided she should earn her Master’s degree in Environmental Justice from the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability! After graduating in May 2019, Eloise moved back to Vermont to continue the journey of inspiring and educating people to fight against climate change and for climate justice. When she’s not helping our customers, you can find her playing music, writing poetry, organizing her community, and enjoying time outside with family and friends.

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