Solar Community Organizer

Solar Community Organizers are the folks who are out and about educating and assisting Vermonters go solar, one town at a time.

Ellen has been an activist and a professional community organizer for over 30 years working on a variety of social change issues, including abortion rights, anti-nuclear power, economic justice, sustainable agriculture and health care reform. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and tools for empowering others to work together towards the creation of sustainable communities and a healthier world.

Ellen moved to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with her family in 2002, and maintains that it is one of the best decisions they have ever made. She co-owns Harvest Hill Farm in Walden with her husband Bill Half, where they grow organic vegetables and blueberries for market and power their lives with solar panels and a wind turbine. Their 3 children, Emma, Isaac, and Maya, are off on their own adventures, but she hopes they will eventually see the light and find their way back to Vermont.

When not farming or helping her neighbors go solar you can find Ellen playing hockey with her team NEK Women, hiking the White or Green mountains, riding her bike along Vermont’s dirt roads, or eating fresh raspberries from her garden.

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