Derek Sabin

Construction Manager

Derek has been a SunCommoner since 2006, he started working as a lead technician and has been pivotally involved in implementing all of our 40+ MWs of renewable energy to date. Derek has extended his renewable energy building expertise into the northeastern states of NY, VT, MA and as far away as Indiana. He gained his NABCEP PV installer certification in 2017 and leads our new Operations & Maintenance (O&M) team that is gearing up for servicing projects in early 2018. Our new O&M crew will be tasked with keeping all sizes of PV systems at peak performance throughout the northeast and Derek’s leadership will be crucial to the crew’s success. We also rely heavily on Derek’s expertise in safety training and his problem solving skills that he shares liberally (lucky for us!).

Derek lives in Fairport with his partner and South Wedge small business owner, Ariane. Both are very involved with their family (taking their uncle and aunt status very seriously), loving their French bulldog, Lucy, and enjoying nature. Derek is planning a TransAmerican trip with his friends next year.

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