Dave Strong

Senior Project Manager

One of SunCommon’s first interns in 2004, Dave is now a part Owner and a member of SunCommon’s Board of Directors. Dave’s filled many roles ranging from Installation Technician, Developer, and Engineering Manager, Dave has been with SunCommon for about 14 years.

Dave resides in Fairport with his wife, Anna, and his daughters, Vivienne (3) and brand-new baby Elizabeth. Dave is a gardening, grilling, and culinary enthusiast, amateur percussionist, and passionate renewable energy advocate. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for Webster Montessori School as the Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee.

Dave has a B.S. in Integrated Science & Technology from James Madison University, is a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) and Dave is currently pursuing his Executive MBA at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders School.

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