Solar Project Coordinator

Our Residential Project Management and Customer Support team are with you every step of the way, starting from the day you sign your agreement until after you are installed. They work behind the scenes to move you through our solar process.

Dan was born and raised in rural Western Massachusetts. From a young age, Dan was an avid reader interested in oceans which fed his deep appreciation for the natural world, environmental protection, sustainability, and social change. Dan attended UVM, where he dedicated himself to environmental studies and sociology. Craving tangible, real world experience, Dan worked as a canvasser for VPIRG’s campaign to put a price on carbon pollution before bringing his enthusiasm to SunCommon.

Dan is a self-proclaimed representative of “environmental sociology,” and he is over the moon about being able to help Vermonters go solar with SunCommon, an office that integrates his passion for grassroots environmentalism and social change. Dan proudly sports both a black belt in judo and the rank of Eagle Scout, from which he learned the value of honor, integrity, working hard and playing harder! Whether he is skiing, hiking, biking, swimming, cooking, or working, he still adheres to the common saying, “Leave no trace,” and strives to help all Vermonters leave no trace – starting with helping them go solar!


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