Solar Site Evaluator/Solar Designer

Our Solar Designers each have college degrees and special training in the design of solar systems. They’ll use an aerial image of your place in addition to the information you provide to design the just the right solar system for you.

Christian grew up in Dutchess County heavily involved in baseball and football, eventually finding a strong interest in taking apart electrical devices without knowing how to put them back together. He attended Stony Brook University graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering initially to understand how to put those devices back together again.

After his first year of college he began educating himself on the electrical engineering industry. Christian took a large interest in renewable energy eventually focusing solely on solar energy. At the age of 18, Christian developed his engineering skills for the next 3 years at Walter T. Gorman P.E.,P.C. a consulting engineering firm in the heart of New York City. After graduating, he realized that he wanted to work in a moral driven company closer to his community at home. Looking for a place where he could change the world everyday he found that place with SunCommon.

As a Solar Site Survey Engineer/Residential Designer, Christian spends his week either arriving at residential homes to determine the specifications for solar installation or designing residential solar systems based on this data.

When the work day is over you can find Christian writing somewhere by the water, reading a book under a lamp, listening to the newest music on full volume or looking for more ways to make a difference in his community and the world. Many people in his life have pushed him to be the best person he can be, and he is truly grateful for those people and to be at SunCommon.

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