Solar Advisor

Our Solar Advisors are the first set of eyes on your roofline. They'll check out your home and make sure you're set up with a Solar Home Advisor to get you on the path to solar! They make our process smooth and easy for anyone to go solar.

Becky was raised in Montpelier with a family that always had the environment front of mind. Becky studied at the University of Vermont with a  major in Community Development and Applied Economics. The program instilled a passion for sustainability and socially responsible business.

Becky made her way to SunCommon as a marketing intern and moved into her full-time gig during the summer of 2017. She’s thrilled to be supporting local community and environment and making a positive impact on the world.

In her free time, Becky can be found reading a novel, watching a movie, or enjoying Vermont’s beauty.

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