Community Outreach Organizer

Solar Community Organizers are the folks who are out and about educating and assisting, one town at a time.

Ashley joined SunCommon in the fall of 2019 as a community outreach organizer. Prior to joining the company, Ashley spent over a decade in the nonprofit publishing industry, where she published and marketed books for several celebrities. Originally from Connecticut, Ashley’s first love has always been community involvement. As an English teacher, she spent years educating upcoming generations with the skills to prepare them for their future. Ashley left New York City in 2016 to return to the country with her family. She loves hanging with her family, playing guitar, growing plants, and smooshing animals, and has spent years farming organic vegetables and designing property landscapes in Connecticut and New York State. As a lover of nature, SunCommon is the perfect culmination of Ashley’s skills, hobbies, and professional career. She is thrilled to be a part of a mission-driven team that is dedicated to providing affordable clean energy for everyone while combating climate change. When Ashley is not out connecting with the community around her, you can find her in the garden with a bunch of kids, conducting blind taste tests with different kale varieties.

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