Superhero at SunCommon NY

“Superheroes represent hope and we are, for the most part, hopeful people.  They explain mystery.  They model behavior.  They inspire.” ~Robert Frost, Instructor and Flight Controller at NASA

Here at SunCommon NY, we believe in superheroes. That’s because we see many every day at work!

Our most recent Superhero is Linden Speranza! She has only been a SunCommon NY employee for nine months, but she is constantly impressing us with her work ethic, her positive attitude, and her ability to lead difficult projects through regulation nightmares. Driving a project forward, on time and on budget, is tricky business. Balancing the needs of all stakeholders at the same time is even harder. Linden does both and she makes it look easy. We’re lucky to have her here at SunCommon NY.

Thank you, Linden, for being one of our superheroes. You inspire us.


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