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We’re adjusting our business operations by practicing social distancing, working from home, and frequent sanitization. Even though it’s not business as usual, we’re still here to help you shine!

Solar is just the beginning…

When you have SunCommon at Home, you’re building a brighter future for your corner of the world. Our mission is to help you maximize your clean energy potential. Home solar, energy storage, and EV chargers are just some of the ways you can reduce your carbon emissions and save on energy bills. We’ve got all the clean tech information you need — Check it out!

What if your home powered your car?

What’s it like to drive an electric vehicle (EV)? Learn about the economics of driving electric, the different popular models, and hear from people who drive them every day!


How much could you save?

Have you ever wondered how much you could save by going solar? We performed a room-by-room analysis of the average person’s energy usage. Then, we compared the cost of buying electricity from the utility versus self-generation with solar. These numbers may surprise you!


“So, what’s it like to go solar?”

We visited a homeowner on the day of her installation and asked her how it felt to be powered by solar. For Casey, going solar was “a super easy decision”, and she is proud to be leaving things better than she found them. Hear her story and share in her excitement!

Power Up with Tesla Powerwall

The 1,100 folks who installed a Tesla Powerwall before last summer’s biggest storm were able to keep their appliances running, their lights on, and the food in their refrigerator cold. Learn how these homes became electricity islands during the blackout.


A Solar Canopy in the Garden

One of our employees installed a beautiful solar canopy at her home. Nicole said, “I knew that back home my actions could have an impact.” Learn more about why she finally decided to go solar!

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Even though the weather is finally starting to turn — and we’re certainly looking forward to sunnier days — there’s no better time to BUNDLE UP!


Solar + Storage

When you pair Solar with Battery Back-Up, you can weather any storm. Learn more about this dynamic duo!


Canopy + EV Charger

Get ready to ride in style! You’ll be able to go the distance when you add an EV Charger to your Solar Canopy.

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