Storing Solar Credits for Winter

Solar Power in the Winter: Easier and Better than a Squirrel Collecting Nuts

You might have heard some folks claim that “solar doesn’t work up north.” Because “there’s not enough sun.”  Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s just not true. At SunCommon, we look at your year-round energy usage and then design a solar system to match it. There’s a lot of complicated math that goes into engineering your system, but the concept is simple:

You know how squirrels collect acorns all summer and fall, because they know they will need them through the winter? That’s basically what you’ll do with your energy. During long summer days, your panels will produce more energy than you need, which builds up credits with your utility company (it’s why our customers have negative bills in the summer months). Then during the winter, when your panels are producing less, you get to use those credits you earned during summer.

Solar Production Curve for One Year

Our customers will tell you, solar DOES work up north. Here’s what Sara had to say:

“It’s not often one gets a utility bill and says ‘hooray’, but I just did… my bill read -$190.91. In fact every bill since April has been a credit. ‘How?’ you may ask. Thanks to SunCommon! At this point, my summer credits will probably last me through the winter.  I have been so pleased with SunCommon, their community vision, their commitment to non-polluting energy generation, and their service.”

— Sara Lourie, SunCommon CSA member

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We build solar systems that work with your utility. That means you can produce more solar than you need all summer long, and use those credits in the winter when your system is producing less energy. You can to enjoy the benefits of on demand energy and zero out your energy costs, swapping your utility bill for a solar payment. Find out more about how solar works by clicking below.


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