Solar Tariff – We’re Not Slowing Down

Hello Rochester Area Friends,  

Yesterday the President decided to impose a 30% tariff to the price of solar panels.  As you may guess, we at SunCommon NY, Rochester’s Fastest Growing Company, think this decision is remarkably shortsighted and detrimental to the economy and do not agree with anything that would slow us on our mission to tear down the barriers to clean energy by deploying solar, and doing our part to slow the effects of climate change right here in our community.

The good news is this decision will have little to no impact on our growing solar community in the Greater Rochester Area. When the threat of tariffs were announced last spring the market adjusted to the potential of solar module tariffs and increased prices accordingly.  We have been dealing with this price change since last May.  The tariff, as imposed, will leave our current price for solar modules basically unchanged, which means we expect to continue to sell solar to our customers at or below the cost of power from the utilities.  

Furthermore, as members of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, a national network of like minded solar companies, we have a stable supply of solar modules for all of 2018.

So, our goal at SunCommon NY for 2018 is to sell and install more solar, because we can and because we should.  

Thanks to the Rochester Community for believing in solar energy in Western NY and choosing a local, B Corp in SunCommon to work with.


Here Comes the Sun!
Kevin Schulte
CEO, SunCommon NY


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