Partnering to Bring Solar Outreach Systems to Puerto Rico

SunCommon, along with our solar cooperative, Amicus, and Amurtel, are partnering to bring dozens of portable Solar Outreach Systems to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

To support this important effort, please give through Amurtel at

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Why Puerto Rico?

Six months after Hurricane Maria, hundreds of thousands of Americans in Puerto Rico are still without power or access to clean water. Based on the electric infrastructure on the island, reports are saying many will be without power for up to one year.

Who are Amicus and Amurtel?

Amicus is a cooperative of small to mid-sized solar companies across the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. SunCommon has been a member since 2012. Amurtel is a non-profit working internationally to bring aid to those affected by disasters.

What are Solar Outreach Systems? (SOS)

Each SOS contains a full solar setup in order to power floodlights to create a community gathering space once the sun has set and charging stations consisting of 15 lockers, each with two USB ports and an electrical outlet, allowing families to bring cell phones, laptops, even small appliances to be charged. Clean water is another huge need in these communities, so each SOS includes a 5-gallon water filter that can clean 500 gallons per day.

How can you support?

The goal of the partnership is to deliver 100 SOS units to Puerto Rico. To build the first 10 units, we’re working to raise $200,000 in monetary and equipment donations.

If moved to do so, we encourage you to support this work with a donation no matter how large or small:

What have we done so far?

The building of these trailers is well underway – over three weekends, members of the SunCommon team took trips down to Boston to work with other solar companies on these trailers.

Here’s what Maggie Twitchell-Wood, our Solar Goddess, had to say about her experience helping build SOS trailers,


Working on these trailers for Puerto Rico was a tangible and purpose-filled experience. I know these solar-powered trailers will make a meaningful impact on many lives, so seeing the impact of my help was fulfilling. Working alongside other Amicus folks also connected me to the larger movement that we’re a part of – working to make the world a healthier and happier place.” 

After Puerto Rico, what happens to the trailers?

Unfortunately, we predict that with climate change, hurricanes like Maria will continue to hit island and coastal nations so when power is restored in Puerto Rico and these SOS trailers are no longer needed, Amurtel will transport them to the next communities in need.


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  1. Chris Cadorette March 23, 2018 at 3:10 pm · ·

    Hey everyone, if you’re reading this, it means 2 things, like me you care about solar, and you are concerned with this humanitarian crisis.

    When I got this email to donate to this cause, I reached out and offered another possible direction. I am a volunteer with the American Red Cross, they are currently deployed in Puerto Rico assisting with disaster recovery efforts. I want able to go to Puerto Rico because I had just returned from the Florida keys assisting in the hurricane Irma recovery. If you think donating money is a rewarding experience, there is nothing like being able to reach out and touch the person you’re trying to help. To see the devistation, and be able to physically make a direct impact.

    If this post inspires you, please reach out to me, and I can help you through the process of becoming a red Cross volunteer and possibly get you on your way to Puerto Rico to help with this important mission!

    Thank you!
    Chris Cadorette
    Volunteer Workforce Engagement Lead
    American Red Cross

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