Our Favorite Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

1. Reusable To-Go Mugs

Maddy from our Digital Team runs on sunshine and frozen coffee. Her favorite way to be plastic-free is to bring in a reusable mug and straw to her favorite local coffee shop. They fill it up right there for her and even offer a discount for bringing a mug from home… Talk about a great way to help save the earth and a couple bucks!

2. Buying in Bulk

Our Hudson Valley Storyteller, Adam Deen, supports a local market called Rolling Grocer. Their mission is to make wholesome food available to everyone in Columbia County at a fair price. To fulfill this goal, an unwavering commitment to environmental, social, and economic justice is essential.

Adam is a big fan of the bulk spice section, where single-use containers are a thing of the past!

Buying in bulk not only cuts down on waste, it’s usually cheaper too!

3. Beeswax Wrap 

Our Creative Design Manager has been using Beeswrap for six or seven years. Eli writes, “It feels like such a natural part of life now. I love the versatility of it—from covering leftovers in the fridge to keeping bread fresh on the counter—and love that it lets me use way less plastic. Plus, it’s super easy to clean and very packable.”


4. Silicone Covers

Speaking of baking bread, our digital team has been baking up a storm this year and keeping things plastic-free! When Patrick proofs his dough, he likes to keep a lid on things with silicone covers by Charles Viancin instead of using traditional plastic wrap. 

“Keeping consistent temps while keeping out excess air is essential with dough, and I assumed plastic wrap was the right move for proofing. We had a few of these silicone covers for leftovers and found it to be a perfect substitute! Best of all, the excess dough that sticks to the top is easy to scrape off — not nearly as easy with wasteful plastic wrap.”

5. Travel-Ready Bamboo Utensils

Carrie from the Commercial Team never leaves the house without her handy-dandy bamboo utensil kit. She writes, “Even if I’m out to lunch with a friend, one of us takes the chopsticks and the other gets the fork. I’ve gotten way more use outta these than I ever expected, and they fit perfectly in my laptop bag!”

Carri'es Plastic Free Wooden Utensils

Our actions really do add up. Positive climate action starts individually and builds collectively. Get started. Share your progress. Be empowered to make a difference.

(Curious about Plastic-free July? Learn about it here.)


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