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It’s gone great! I can’t think of the last time we had such professional customer service. Every single person we have worked with has been fabulous – courteous, informative, communicative.
Stephanie TownsendPittsford SunCommon Customer
I knew that solar was the right thing to do, but I held off because I thought there would be a huge expense associated with it. Then I learned about community solar from SunCommon. I was shocked to learn that there is no up-front cost and that the price per kwh is actually cheaper than RG&E. It's an absolute win-win situation and we couldn't be happier about it.
Fran ReedRochester SunCommon Customer
My husband and I heard about SunCommon during the winter. We were delighted to learn that solar is possible for us without installing panels on our roof. The CSAs are a cost-saving way to do the right thing for the planet in a direct, immediate way. Biggest reason for choosing the CSA route - the future planet that we leave to our grandchildren. It is a RESPONSIBILITY of all citizens to be stewards of the planet. Our future generations will be in need of a planet that can sustain life as we know it. What better reason do we need to be active participants in making the planet a better place for all life? No excuses! There are no down-sides to the SunCommon solution of CSAs. What are you waiting for?
Mary Ellen and Bill BlanchardBrighton SunCommon Customers
Our family chose to go solar with the array because it was a really easy and local way for us to support something we really care about. The more people that choose solar, the more accessible this inexpensive energy option will become. That means we're being better to future generations and to the environment. Signing up was kind of a no brainer, really!
Kourtney BlackburnBrighton SunCommon Customer
I don't understand why everyone doesn't sign up! It is so easy and perfect to address all the reasons why people are prevented from using solar power. We all need to think green and do something about it!
Pattie SunwooRochester SunCommon Community Solar Customer
The installation of solar panels on our roof was a very positive experience, and I have no hesitation in recommending SunCommon. From my first inquiry, the staff was responsive and accommodating; the salesman we dealt with was not at all pushy and carefully explained the installation process and the financial details. He seemed genuinely interested in helping us figure out whether solar panels made good sense for our site. The installation crew was friendly, efficient and considerate of us and our neighbors.
Jim LeunkRochester SunCommon Residential Solar Customer
I have had a number of crews here to do work on my home over the years, and the SunCommon crew was far and away the most professional and considerate I’ve ever worked with. My solar installation was carefully planned and executed and I was kept appraised at every stage. The work crew and project manager were careful and considerate of my property. In fact, I have been impressed with SunCommon’s level of expertise and professionalism at every stage. Coming from a family that has been involved with appropriate/sustainable technology for nearly forty years, I have a fair bit of knowledge about solar, and I found SunCommon met or exceeded the bar for every technical concern I raised.
Dave SheinRochester SunCommon Customer

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